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Highest Conspiracy The Highest Conspiracy It would be a challenge to find a band with more diversity and spirit than Highest Conspiracy! Influenced by Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Ska, Rock, and other international genres Highest Conspiracy separate themselves with their word, sound, and power! Members from California, Arizona, Tennessee, New York, and as far as Nigeria have come together to bring a unique sound they call their own. Founding members Casper and T lead the way with their strong lyrics and direction. Casper Lomayesva, lead vocals & bass, cites 20 years in the music business to his grandfather, Sankey Lomayseva, as having the biggest influence on his life and music. Casper’s lyrics are a reflection on his own life philosophy, and influenced not only by the sounds of crucial reggae music, but traditional Hopi culture as well. T, aka Taide Pineda, started playing music in high school after being inspired by a friend’s band at a local gig. Bingi “BT” Slew, lead guitar, was inspired by his older brother’s incessant practicing of classical cello etudes and has been striving to catch up ever since. Ken Levine started in Vegas & backs Highest Conspiracy with his trombone and vocal talents. He loves soulful, passionate music of all styles that leads him to play many different genres. David “Big Worm” Moore began playing saxophone in grade school and expanded his repertoire into college playing with some of the all-time Nashville Jazz greats. The positivity and musical genius of keyboardist Geri Love brings so much to the group. She has been playing in her own bands and backing international reggae artists for more than 17 years! Drummer Jerry Jeriel was born in Nigeria and grew up playing music in the church his father was pastoring. He went to school for music while in Africa and came to America by way of Atlanta, GA. Alternative percussion lead by Arizona-born Mark Simpson completes the band lineup. Together they hope to leave a legacy of great music that inspires people and makes them move! They hope to expand their experiences in music and make meaningful contributions to the art form. Learning from the greats they are extremely motivated and excited to be a part of The Highest Conspiracy and looking forward to placing their mark on the scene!
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